We process data to create visualizations flavoured with salt, pepper and homemade sauces.

In other words, we make your data simple and understandable.

About us

Viz&Chips is a team composed of two journalists, two developers, a statistician and a designer who process data to build data games, data visualizations and infographics.
Simple, informative and captivating.

Our goal is make your data simple and understandable.

What we do

Inside our kitchen, in Turin or upon request at your own place, we test classical and alternative recipes to analyze data and communicate it in new and tasty ways.

Some of our customers

Datagame e visualizations


When data is numerous and complex, there isn’t anything better than gamification to build a customized path that, according with the client’s needs and tastes, helps exploring data, keeping its richness and informative complexity. For example maintaining the user hooked to your sustainability report, or to the dossier about the activities developed by your Ngo during the year or to the latest business census of your country.


Interactivity is the main feature of data visualisations which - thanks to an accurate mix of customized graphics, data analysis and text editing, combined with the possibility for users to interact with data (answering a quiz, for instance) - catch effectively the users’ attention.


The power of data viz together with video animation: motion graphic is the ideal format to communicate and spread data emerging from the mob of information that pass through the web.


For web publishing or printed, infographics are the most effective way to summarize a dataset, from the result of a ballot to a customer survey, to the last financial statements of your company.


Having data is not enough, if you don’t know how to use it. We offer tailor-made advisory to understand which is the most relevant data you have, how to enhance it effectively according to your aims (internal communication, to stakeholders, media…) and using the best tools.


We offer classes on innovative tools adopted in the journalism field, from data analysis softwares to mapping and infographic tools.

Group class

• Introduction to data visualization. Theory, but mostly lot of practice.
• Analysis and data visualization using Tableau
• Graphic tips for data visualization (entry level)


Do you need a full immersion about data visualization? Would you like to deepen your knowledge about a tool to build custom maps? Or do you need some training on data scraping? Drop us an email and we will find the solution that fits for you, with a tutor who will follow you step by step (online and offline!).


Are you a work team? Do you use lots of data daily and need to find tools that can help you manage it and communicate it?
Send us an email and we will study a set of activities, customized according to your needs and released through group sessions guided by our tutors.

Our team

Stefano Pistillo

Co-founder of Viz&Chips - and now Ceo - I have my daily portion of web, email marketing, backend development, data analysis and data visualizations.
After graduating in Computer Engineering at Politecnico of Turin, I have lived for several years in Silicon Valley where, between hamburgers and quesadillas, my collaboration with ClickMail and iPost started.

Clara Attene

Data-journalist and co-founder di Viz&Chips, I am keen on numbers, delicacies made of good coding and innovative tools applied to journalism.
I work for Good Morning Italia, a journalistic startup, and I am a trainer on communication topics for companies. I also teach online journalism at Istituto per la Formazione al Giornalismo (Ifg) in Urbino.
Among others, I wrote for Il Sole 24 Ore (business writing), Il Venerdì di Repubblica (foreign news) and contributed to some radio broadcasts by BBC World and BBC Five.

Barbara D'amico

I am a co-founder of Viz&Chips and I am a data-journalist based in Turin. I was born in 1983 and I am a business writer for La Stampa, il Corriere della Sera and Wired Italia. Previously I wrote for Il Sole 24 Ore, Radio 24 and Il Venerdì di Repubblica.
An important part of my job is related to creating digital tools for spreading news and I am also a trainer at Ordine dei Giornalisti on topics such as data journalism, new media and business models in the news field.
I do investigative reports and help companies and NGOs creating their own communication strategies using digital tools.
I am a moderator for debates and round table discussions, national and international, about several subjects, such as economy, work, innovation and venture capital.

Alberto Filippini

I am a co-founder of Viz&Chips and I cover the development of websites and web and mobile applications, from design to coding. I usually cook big data with HTML, flavouring it with Javascript and a lot of CSS.
I am keen on digital innovation and new ways to add value to content.
I started working as a web designer and frontend developer and I am passionate about everything that is on the web.

Fabio Fogli

Data Scientist and co-founder of Viz&Chips.
I studied statistics in Turin, then in Padua. I started working for Tykli, a tech startup based in Turin, where I was in charge of data and metrics analysis based on network science.
Later I worked with the Municipality of Turin on data governance, taking an active role on the city digital transition.

Fabrizio Furchì

Communication & graphic designer, cartoonist and radio dj.
I am an expert in visual communication and multimedia storytelling and after graduating in Ecodesign at Politecnico in Turin, I worked as a social media manager at View Conference and collaborated with the NGO Volontari per lo Sviluppo-Ong 2.0.
I mix cartoons and infographics with sketchnoting, transforming data and presentations in a buffet rich of posters and comic strips.


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